Make Extra Income in the Education Field

1. Market yourself and your skills. What talents do you have? Are you an artist? How about a writer? Many Child Development Centers will pay professionals to come in and teach a group class. You can develop a portfolio slowly. Begin to take pictures of yourself teaching an art class to Advertisement kids, for instance. Ask the center director to observe and snap a few shots with the camera. Take hands on shots of the children taking part in your program. Get some positive reviews and letters from parents to add to your portfolio. Make up advertisements in a local newspaper or church buliten in town, in regards to what programs you offer.

2.Go back to school for new certifications. There are numerous programs online..Yes, even some helpful short-cuts! Get creative. Look into certifications available at local state colleges, additionally. You can obtain a therapy license or ESL certification, for example, without taking on a lengthy graduate program. Many therapy jobs pay over $40.00 an hour per session with one child. You may want to consider working as a teacher and obtaining a therapy license to use part time on the side.

3. Teachers, create a study skills and tutoring business. Get professional looking business cards made. Advertise for free on Craig's List. Make flyers for the local public library. Have a specialty, such as reading and math skill development. Begin to teach and tutor more than one child at a time. Offer group programs in your home. Tutoring can be extremely helpful in supplementing one's income. The opportunities in building a tutoring business are endless!

4.Start consulting. Research what educational conferences there are this year in your state. Begin learning about various educational topics. Sign on to do a few free lectures at colleges and begin to develop a consulting portfolio. There are numerous educational research agencies nationwide which seek well educated and informed, experienced consultants. Consultants can make hundreds of dollars per lecture.

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Remember, focus on marketing yourself and focusing on the positives. What skills do you have? Get creative. Develop a business on the side that is related to the field of education. The possibilities for additional earnings are endless!